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I’m a self proclaimed IML-international man of leisure. I’ve been to different parts of the world seeking out travel, adventure, good food and of course hot women.

I wrote a book sharing my experience along with the experience of others who have done the same. I also list the best destinations for sex tourism. Read More...

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Miss Angola, Leila Lopes,

was crowned Miss Universe over the weekend.

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Follow Up Interview With Sandra Bullock’s Baby Louis Bullock

Product Details

Author Stefhen Bryan was thirty-six years old with nothing in terms of a solid
foundation. His roots were in Jamaica and he lived as an expatriate in the
United States. In 2001, he made the decision to move to Japan. Stefhen did not
base this decision on any lofty goals or ambitions he wished to fulfill.
Instead, Stefhen was totally motivated by his attraction to Asian women and his
fully developed sex addiction.

Between 2001 and 2008, Stefhen had sex with
thousands of women, many of these affairs being random encounters. In 2008,
Stefhen compiled all of these experiences into what is at once a case study of
Japan, a memoir, and a piece of erotica entitled, Black Passenger, Yellow Cabs. Recently, I sat
down and had a long conversation with Stefhen, via telephone, during which I
interviewed him about his book. This is what transpired. Read More...

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110226 [New Kpop Group] Bella – Don’t Let Go [MV]

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Asia’s lonely hearts by / August 20th 2011


Women are rejecting marriage in Asia. The social implications are serious

TWENTY years ago a debate erupted about whether there were specific “Asian values”. Most attention focused on dubious claims by autocrats that democracy was not among them. But a more intriguing, if less noticed, argument was that traditional family values were stronger in Asia than in America and Europe, and that this partly accounted for Asia’s economic success. Read More...

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Okavango Delta Underwater HD(Part6)

Around 2,000 women a year are having genital surgery on the NHS in England
Around 2,000 women a year are having genital surgery on the NHS in England

The demand for genital cosmetic surgery among women has risen five-fold in just 10 years, according to NHS figures.

But a new study has found that most women who request a ‘designer vagina’ do not need it. Read More…

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