Posted by: ghostdawg2 | February 20, 2009

Is Sex Better Abroad For African American Professionals In Brazil by

Cleveland, OH ( – A recent study suggests that more professional African American men from the United States are going to Brazil to live the lifestyle that most men only dream about.

Jewel Woods conducted extensive interviews with professional black men who experienced the sex tourism industry in Brazil. Speaking with black men in cities nationwide, Woods found that many professional black men seek overseas what they are not getting in America and from professional black women. The majority of the men in the study were highly accomplished. Middle-range professionals were interviewed as well.

Woods is the "study behind the story" and is quoted in September's Essence magazine in "Blame It on Rio." The article investigates rumors of African American men traveling to Brazil for secret sex vacations.

"The study raises questions and concerns about the traditional belief systems of the black middle class, the black family, and the "sexual politics" between black men and women. It also raises questions about what is meant by a "good man" and brings new insight into issues of masculinity, morality and male privilege in the 21st Century," said Woods.

The author of the forthcoming study "The New 'Ugly American': Professional Black Men, Sexual Paradise & Brazil," Woods examines the implications for black men, black women and the black family. He also delves into African Americans' relationship with the so-called Third World, an important point, especially with so many professional men participating in the Brazilian sex tourism industry.

In a different twist to the sexual innuendo of, "Once you go black you will never go back," the impact of Brazilian women on the minds and imaginations of professional black men raises the issue "Once you go to Brazil, you will never come back..."

Excerpts from the study can be found at


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