Posted by: ghostdawg2 | February 21, 2009

Visit Boracay Island,Philippines by

Welcome to Visit Boracay, a website by the team that created Boracay Island’s first-ever directory of resorts and estalishments (

Our website is in partnership with the Boracay Foundation, an association of resorts and establishments operating on Boracay Island that is dedicated to promoting Boracay Island to the world.

How can this site help me plan my
Boracay vacation?

Our comprehensive directory of over 50 establishments on the island is a good place to start. Each page has a text description, photos, and an inquiry form that puts you in touch with the necessary people. > BROWSE THE DIRECTORY

Our Boracay Vacation Wizard allows you to submit one form with your vacation preferences to every single resort and establishment in our database whose services match your needs. One submission on the Wizard gets relevant establishments the information they need to know to give you a customized, efficient travel package. > LAUNCH THE WIZARD.

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