Posted by: ghostdawg2 | March 2, 2009

Hardship Posting true tales of expat misadventures in Asia by Col. Ken Oathe

Hardship Posting Volume 3

For some random sample stories from Vol 3, click here …

Enjoy a sneak preview of some of the cartoons in the book by Hugh Harrison.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bastards and Bargirls!

Colonel Ken here …

Well, with the world crashing down around our ears, I thought it was time to unveil my own little, um, Stimulus Package (settle down,ladies!). Order all books online today and take advantage of the Aussie dollar's spectacular 30% drop ... yes SAVE 30% on all orders Crisis? What crisis!

Anyway, welcome to the Hardship Posting community for expatriates, ex-patriates, expatriots, er, expats, colonials, contractors, oil trash, military based in Asia, or any friend of The Orient, or 'The Far East' as they used to call it during the heady days of the Raj. And home of course to the record-breaking best-selling books of expat stories and tales, Hardship Posting.

Take your time and have a look round the shite, er, site ... there should be something for everyone -- and that's the great thing about Asia, isn't it? (Pause for vigorous nods of agreement.)

VOLUMES ONE, TWO AND THREE of Hardship Posting are still selling well
-- concrete proof that there's no accounting for taste.

Volume 4 is now on the drawing board, so if you've got any amazing or amusing anecdotes to share about your life and times in Asia, get on the blower to me quicksmart, or else lose your chance for infamy.

STOP THE PRESS: We've just started a Facebook Group for Hardship Posting ... for all foreigners and friends of Asia. Tell your friends to sign up and let's have some e-fun. You do have friends, don't you? Make sure you sign up for my COALITION OF THE SWILLING and I'll keep you posted with all sorts of specials ... like the 'Debriefing Asia' newsletter with all the latest yarns, jokes, news and events from around the region. (OK, OK, I'll get the next one out soon -- trust me, I used to be someone frightfully efficient!)

There are also more than 600 links in our ASIAN EXPAT LINKS & RESOURCES section, some as hot and spicy as a dab of wasabe or a bowl of little Thai chili padis.

Did you hear Stu Lloyd's got a new book out -- THE MISSING YEARS: A POW's story from Changi to Hellfire Pass 1942-45 -- a gripping tale of World War Two in Singapore, Malaya and Thailand (no I wasn't in that war, thank you very much!). See for rave reviews and how to order signed copies at a pre-launch discount.

Cop you later.

Signature of Col Ken

Col. Ken Oathe, D.O.M, VD & Bar
Barstool philosopher & freelance philanthropist

Somewhere in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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