Posted by: ghostdawg2 | March 10, 2009

Soi Cowboy Preachers,Bangkok,Thailand by

soi cowboy preacher

Soi Cowboy Preachers

Sexy girls are not all you meet in red-light districts around the world, but a lot of very strange people.

Earlier this year I visited Bangkok's Soi Cowboy for a barhop. The bars are filled with sexy and willing girls who dance without panties, so no change inside the bars. Outside on the street of Soi Cowboy I saw the usual vendors like the guys who sell elephant food for a feeding session. While approaching the end of the soi close to the Baccara bar you could see 2 white collar guys take position. They looked like brokers, but they turned out to be preachers. While everybody around was making jokes about their rural British accent they kept lecturing people about how bad it is to go here and that they would rot in hell for the rest of their lives. To be honest, their accent was so bad, I doubt anybody except for Brits would have understood what they were talking about. One of the Thai bargirls watching them was quoted saying 'no understand, but they look funny. They come here many times'. At least they were entertaining and making people smile. Too bad nobody was able to understand what they were saying about the end of the world. Strange people, but they looked to be drop dead serious. I was wondering if they barfined a tranny later on.

soi cowboy preacher
Thai bargirls giggle while a preacher tries to convince punters to get out off the red-light district of Bangkok's Soi Cowboy

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