Posted by: ghostdawg2 | March 23, 2009

Spasso Italian restaurant & Singles Night Club by Sam Worthington

Bangkok Italian – Spasso Italian Restaurant & Singles Night Club

Grand Hyatt Erawan
Rajdamri Rd.,
Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02 254 1234

Spasso is best known as a late night disco and classier pick up spot, rather than an Italian restaurant. However before those hoards of frustrated singles hit this area, a pretty decent Italian restaurant plies its trade. I would probably not have come here just for the restaurant had it not been for another errand I had to run in the area.
We were meeted and greeted with great enthusiasm by every staff member seemingly keen to say 'what ho.' But, of course it was Monday and about 8.30 in the evening. When I had been in before it was after 11, and at the week end. This enthusiastic greeting was a total contrast.

The restaurant is minimalist with a picture window overlooking the lower lobby level outside with the said décor just confusing enough to think it might actually be outside! There are no table clothes and it was interesting that at their witching hour, 10 pm, ashtrays arrived on all the tables. Clearly that is the time the establishment officially changes from restaurant to nightclub, and the change in volume of the music sends that message across very clearly.
The wine list was long with wines listed by grape varietals but with not a lot under 2,000 Baht, whereas the menu was much shorter with most of the Italian favourites on offer. I started with a mixed Antipasto platter. That came on a wooden chopping board and was comprehensive in terms of cold meat, and looked very good. On had crispy mixed seafood which she liked. I thought it was bit disappointing, but I suppose deep fried seafood is exactly that!
For mains there was among others, a choice of ten pastas with the usual well-known options as well as a couple of Spasso specials. One that looked interesting was fusilli with prawns, spinach, pesto, chilli and garlic. There were also a few pizzas, seafood and meat offerings. I went for lamb loin which was listed with rocket, grilled pumpkin and chick peas. I managed to get the rocket changed to mashed potatoes and although the dish looked good and was cooked medium rare as requested, there was, as far as I was concerned, one big fault. I even told the waiting staff, who seemed to suddenly lose their command of English. There was no fat! The tiny noisettes had been trimmed out of a perfectly good chop. But as all us carnivores know it is the fat that gives the taste!

However I will (almost) forgive the chef for what came next. It was described as strawberries, mint balsamic, mascarpone. Balsamic I thought? Vinegar with my strawberries? But think sweet mint sauce and strawberries and you got it. And that is a great combination and new to me.

The band cranked in at ten, on queue, and they confused me by doing some great old standards to a slow, but heavy bass tempo as well as contemporary dance numbers. I thought they were tame and a little slow for a place that likes to swing, even if it was a Monday. As for their version of ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ I think I prefer it with a sultry voice, a gentle rhythm section and a cool sax player – not rim shots, electric guitars and prancing jeans!

As we left, the singles were pouring in!

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