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Where To Find The Most Beautiful Woman Of The World by Duncan Rhyne

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Beauty, so they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

Which is right.

Sort of right.

It is also wrong. Because it suggests that there is no real beauty.

But these people have a wrong perception of what reality is. Reality can be measured.

If we take 1000 men, or, theoretically, 100,000 men, and we show them the pictures of 10,000 women, and ask the men to pick 100 women which they regard as most beautiful, then we will come to an idea of what kind of features men regard as beautiful in women.

I know the result. I am a man. I am not a philosopher.

Beauty has a lot to do with symmetry. We do not perceive as beautiful a girl or woman who has one large eye, and one small. Nor a face which is red on the left, and pale on the right. A women whose nose is bent to one side; or who has uneven teeth.

The great majority of men will find a youthful face more sexually appealing than one that shows the traces of lifelong toiling or stress.

Which doesn’t mean that women with bent noses or missing teeth wouldn’t have their qualities. They may be great writers, or business leaders, or even queens.

They are just not beautiful.

Which doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be worthy of our love. We love them as mothers, and as wives with whom we may have shared decades.

It’s just that normally, girls and women who are not beautiful don’t make good sex objects.

I am prying for girls and women who make great sex objects. Which is why I am after beautiful girls and women.

Beauty is when I look at a face and there is nothing that disturbs my pleasure. No asymmetries, no rotten teeth, no bent nose, a mouth which is neither too wide nor too small. Neither the eyes of a cow, nor the nose of an eagle. Neither the denture of a horse, nor the ears of a Mickey Mouse.

Just average, please. Flawless, if you don't mind. Beauty is the absence of any ugly feature. No wrinkles, and no pimples. Just smooth skin; a smile, not a grin.

There are some beautiful women in every country.

I have seen stunning Indian beauties on photos of beauty contests, and in Indian films. But I can walk a full day through Bombay or Calcutta, and see no face that would come close to what the photos and films promise.

Talking about beauty contests: yes, there has been a Nigerian Miss World, slender, with fine features. Now, go and look for such beauty in the streets of Lagos.

I have traveled the world in search of beautiful girls and women. I am not a racist; I’d like to bed beautiful girls and women of every race. I am European, but I do not have a preference for European girls and women. My fantasy of paradise is a petite Japanese on Monday, and a slender African on Tuesday. I’ll try an Indian on Wednesday, and why not an Eskimo on Thursday.

But I don’t just live in my fantasy paradise. In the real world, I have to go on the hunt before I can lay my prey.

And I prefer to hunt in a jungle of plenty, instead on a deforested landscape.

So, I have become an expert in locating places where the number of beautiful girls and women who are within reach is big, and where the competition isn’t all too fierce.

Forget India. Beautiful girls are closely guarded by their families. You won’t even see many of them. And in countries like Turkey, just searching for them can land you in trouble.

Also, I am not so much in favor of large bottoms.

I have observed that in China and Japan, the percentage of young women whose faces are noticeably asymmetric is definitely larger than in Vietnam, Malaysia, or the Philippines.

I am not in favor of overly broad faces, which disqualifies much of sub-Saharan Africa, except Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Madagascar (where the majority of the population is of Indonesian descent).

I am 6 feet tall, 85 kg of weight. I am not in favor of 6.2 feet, 100 kg Polynesian mates. I have found Israeli girls too hairy for my taste.

If I were to decide on a country with the largest percentage of beautiful girls and women, then Malaysia is my pick.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, is one of the most fashionable cities on earth, and if you live there as a Western man, it is unlikely that you will remain unattached for long.

However, Malaysia is a comparatively rich Third World country, and economic considerations therefore play less of a role in female partner choice than in poorer countries.

But there are other, poorer countries where the Malay race forms the majority of the population: Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, Timor, and Madagascar. This is where, statistically, you will find the largest number of beautiful women.

It is easiest to compete in the poorest two, Madagascar and Indonesia. But if you only speak English, the Philippines may be your best playground.

If you speak French, Madagascar may be the best option.

On the other hand, if you find it comparatively easy to learn a comparatively easy language, Indonesia may be the most rewarding.

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