Posted by: ghostdawg2 | March 31, 2009

Dakar,Senegal:”The best stress free time of my life” by TypeeO

I truly had a wonderful time. French speaking country. I only speak english. Thank goodness my contact person spoke french as well as the local language. The nite life is far above major cities in the US. No arguing or fights. Just for you jazz club is wonderful. I attended on a Monday night. Wednesday was even better. This particular night I attended several clubs. Club by the Sea, And this other with DJ Lucheona Who welcomed this sista with a shout out for everyone to recognize.

Goree Island was an intended tour, This is where many slaves that ended up in the US were shipped from. African Americans really should check our history.

This west coast country welcomes us at any time. Many beautiful landmarks and buildings. The people take pride in their crafts of woodwork and building. Everyone is business minded, and self sufficient.

African American History

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