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Tokyo Night Life by

Tokyo Night Life

Night life can be one of the objectives for travelers who come to Tokyo, would be called the representative metropolitan city of Asia. We will go through the towns such as Shinjuku, Roppongi and Akasaka and amusement such as Karaoke and Bowling. Let’s have a Tokyo party. (November, 2008)
Tokyo Night Life

Before we get started
This might be a view of Tokyo old resident but Tokyo is supposed to be safer city than other foreign cities. We don’t have slum towns and dangerous areas and people usually don’t get troubles unless they do overblown things (but pay attention for luggage thief). By the way, night life information of Tokyo tends not to be mentioned much in guide book and travelers don’t have ideas where they could have night life. This is because Japanese might consider night life as adult entertainment business so they don’t want to show unsound information. Except that, Tokyo night life is the bunch of fun stuff. Of course, we will introduce very safe information.
Tokyo Night Life

Introducing Night Town
Integrated Entertainment Town – Shubiya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro
These are towns for shopping, business and central station of transportation to suburban and have various kind of night life such as dining area like Izakaya, Karaoke, Bowling and bars at the edge of town. A lot of business people, students and travelers enjoy night life in those.
Wa-shoi Tokyo Info: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro

Adult Town – Roppongi, Akasaka and Ginza
Long time ago, these towns are located near Imperial Palace, Edo Castle and ministries and developed much by those government people. These are very different from Shinjuku and Shibuya and have more expensive Japanese restaurants, quiet bars, and band bars. Thus, travelers and students usually don’t come there for fun but business people.
Wa-shoi Tokyo Info: Roppongi, Akasaka, Ginza

Old Dining Area – Kanda, Shimbashi and Kagurazaka
People would say these towns have much entertainment but very deep and old areas. In old alleys, you will see hundreds of drinking places (Izakayas) which offer much appreciated prices. After work, business men drink in Izakaya which is very narrow and people are squeezed in. Also, there are some Japanese restaurants where you can call Geisha ladies but we recommend you to do it when you have extra budget(need reservation).
Wa-shoi Tokyo Info: Shimbashi, Kagurazaka

Types of Night Life
Tokyo has fashionable bars, band music, pubs, dining bars but those are also in foreign countries so we would like to introduce things only in Tokyo (or Japan).

It can not be separated from Tokyo Night Like. Please see the article in Back Numbers.
“Let’s go to Izakaya”

People finish drinking and eating in Izakayas, they would select Karaoke as the first candidate of second place. Karaoke is a place where people sing songs with friends or parties over meals and drinks (those are called the same in foreign countries so you probably know these). The different point from western is to be separated from public so you can share a private room with your party, not necessary to listen to stranger’s song. Price can be around 1,500 JPY per hour in night.

Darts Bar
Recently, we see a lot of darts bars in town. This is not real darts but electric darts which everybody can easily enjoy. You can try this with around 200 JPY per game with drinks (extra cost). It might be fun if you come here as group.

Billiard is in bar (can be called pool) but billiard is often provided as an independent spot in Tokyo. Cost is 600 JPY per person (1 hour) and drink is extra cost. It might be combined with darts bars so you can enjoy with darts as well. Small group like 2 to 3 people tend to spend time here rather than big group.

Arcade Game Center
You can enjoy various types of video games such as driving games and shooting games from 100 JPY per game, which is very reasonable. Please note that playing with drinking alcohol might be recommended in this place.
Arcade Game Center

Please be careful of transportation service time at night. It can be different in both weekday and weekend. 12 o’clock at mid night is the time to consider your transport. Yamanote line runs at mid night and ends at around 1am. Subway ends up within 11pm. You can take taxi after missing last trains but cost can be much higher than public transport.
Also, please pay attention for things around you even Tokyo is kind of safe city. Think of the amount of drink and budget. Stay away from any activities which may bring some troubles and Please enjoy your night life in Tokyo.
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