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KTV Shops In HATYAI ,Thailand by DIY Explore In Hatyai


If you are looking for a lady from KTV shops, this is one place that you shouldn’t miss.

It has the largest number of KTV shops, as well as having the largest number of ladies for your pick. Generally, the girls are younger than See Kim Yong. There are more than 30 KTV shops around this area in Soi 1, 2 & 3. Prices here ranges from 1500 to 2000baht per night. Be prepared to pay 500baht or more if you are brought there by the tuk-tuk drivers or guides (like thaivisitor), which is their commission from the place you book your ladies from. You will not see any monies changing hands as they have their own arrangement to collect payment.

This is the map showing where Channivet is.

If you are going there by tuk-tuk, the driver will request to guide you around the KTV shops. If you wish to explore the KTV shops yourself without the driver following you, then just tell him to go to SK hotel at Channivet Soi 2. Once you are there, go into the hotel. Check that the tuk-tuk driver is gone before you start your tour around the KTV shops. A good place to start would be Channivet Soi 3 (turn left when you come out of the hotel then turn right). That would be the starting point for your tour

Click here for a list of popular KTV shops in Channivet

See Kim Yong

This is another area where the KTV shops are located. The street name is known as Chaiyakul Uthit, but the common reference for the area is See Kim Yong. There are about 15 KTV shops in this area around, and it is mainly located on Chaiyakul Uthit Soi 2. It is convenient location as it is walking distance from hotels like Hatyai Palace, Neo Hatyai and Hatyai Merlin. Generally, the girls here are less younger than those in Channivet. Like Channivet, price ranges from 1500 to 2000baht per night. Again if you are with a tuk-tuk driver or guide (like thaivisitor), be prepared to pay 500baht more as their commission.

This is the map showing where See Kim Yong's Chaiyakul Uthit street is.

If you are going there by tuk-tuk, just tell the driver to go to Hatyai Merlin hotel. Once you are there, go into the hotel and wait for the driver/rider to leave. Then just walk out and go behind the hotel where Chaiyakul Uthit Soi 2 is. The KTV shops are on both side of the street.

Click here for a list of popular KTV shops in See Kim Yong

Other Areas

There are some stand-alone KTV shops that are located out of above two main areas. They are:

  • 336 Karaoke 18/5 Padungpakdee Road, Tel: 074-354 082
  • Toong Sao Karaoke 24-39 Thung Sao Road, Tel: 074-231 885
  • OK Karaoke (formerly Wonderful Karaoke) 203 Thamnoon Vithi Road, Tel: 074-357 5

Other Establishments To Get Lady Companion

Kiss Lounge
Located inside Hatyai Garden Home hotel, this is a brothel cum lounge with band performance. Operating hours is from 7pm to 2am. This is the place to book your companion if you arrived in Hatyai during nightfall where all the KTV shops are closed. Once you enter, there are girls seated for you to choose where you can either get them to sit with you and have a few drinks to get to know them (hourly ladies drink charge apply) or book them immediately. The "bar fine" is 9 hours, The rates of the escorts are 3200baht and 3900baht. Short time is 2000baht for 2 hours. Best time for selection is from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

SC Heritage hotel
Located at 36/43 Saengsri Soi.5. Check out 5th floor, room 511, where the mamasan is located. It is open only at 3pm. This place is for those who want the "model" category of girls. The price is about 5000baht, and you can only take the girl out after 5-6 pm and they usually only allowed two sessions of intercourse.
Please note that very few of the girls will accept non-asian customers there.

Freelance Working Ladies

Freelancers (FL) are working ladies who do not work under any establishments. They are free to solicit for customers on their own. If you are thinking of getting a FL, we advise you to read about the neccessary precautions that you might want to take. The popular places where you can get freelancers are:

Paragon Disco
This is the most popular disco in Hatyai and there are easily hundreds of patrons there most of the nights. If you are with a group of guys you may get some girls approaching you. Price is up for you to negotiate, and generally it should be similar to 1500-2000 KTV prices. However do be warned that these FLs are not working for any brothel establishments, so if anything goes wrong ( for instance the girl goes home after 1 session of intercourse, or steal your belongings), you will not be able to do anything about it. So please keep all your valuables in the room safe or safe deposit box in your hotel, if you decide to have these FLs as your companion for the night.

Kiss Channel
A very popular bar with live band performance. Although they are singers and dancers, but if you strike a right cord, some of them can be booked as your companion after their working time. Prices that was paid ranges from 5000 to 10000THB for overnight.

Massage parlors
Some of the masseurs working in the traditional and body massage parlors are available for booking after their working hours. You may enquire directly from them while having your massage, and prices are between 1500 to 2000baht. But do take note that they will only be able to meet you after their working time, which can be past midnight

Price Negotiation

Kindly note that all the prices quoted here are before negotiation. In KTV shops, prices are definitely negotiable. It is wise to negotiate as the managers in these establishments are encouraged by their bosses to quote a higher price, which goes entirely to the brothels and not to the girls.

Many experienced visitors normally negotiate to give the "savings" to the girls as additional tips, especially when the service is up to their expectation. Nevertheless, the decision on whether to negotiate or not lies with the individual, and it perfectly alright not to do so, especially for newbies. However should you want to negotiate the prices the manager, it is better not to do so in the presence of the girl.

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