Posted by: ghostdawg2 | June 3, 2009

Riding Camels,Kuwait by C2WnDC

At the Sheik's Camp

Kuwait photo by C2WnDC

Camel racing has become very popular in Kuwait.

Driving by the track in Ahmadi, one day we noticed several tents and pens with camels where none had been before. Curious, we approached and found a festival-like atmosphere: the start of camel racing season. We were driving slowly through the area, taking pictures, when two Kuwaitis started waiving to us to come to their tent. Hesitantly, we did. Leaving security with the truck, we went in and accepted their kind offer of tea and dates. They didn't speak a word of English, nor did we speak Arabic, yet somehow we managed. Later, they offered each of us a short ride on their camel.

On a different occasion, several of our group had an opportunity for a traditional dinner with a Sheik at his camp in the desert. We ate grilled meats on Persian rugs outdoors. We rode camels there as well. As part of our entertainment, the Sheik's men took us out into the herd, where we saw a new born finding his legs. We also saw a breeding session that was the highlight of the trip.

Kuwait photo

Kuwait Towers

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