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Visit Davao City and Samal Island,Mindanao,Philippines by

Davao City is a thriving capital of the Philippines competing with neighboring General Santos for the title of the nation´s fastest growing city. It is the largest city in the world in actual area and new settlers have been attracted from all corners of the Philippines by the city´s economic boom. This has created a very diverse cultural and ethnic mix, who live and work together in harmony and co-operation.
Blessed with fertile soil and located outside the typhoon belt, Davao´s livelihood is largely based on agriculture. Bananas, pineapples, coconuts and a lot of orchids provide valuable export earnings, while the exotic durian is a constant source of curiosity to tourists. Fishing, wood processing and mining are also boom industries.

What to See


Davao Museum – The museum features the work of cultural minorities of Southern Mindanao, including the Mandaya, Maranao, T´boli and Bagobo people.
Mt. Apo National Park – Climbing Mt. Apo, southwest of Davao, requires time, preparation and an experienced guide. The view from the 2.954 meter peak is among the most spectacular in the Philippines.
Philippine Eagle Center – The camp has been established as a sanctuary for this near extinct predator, one of the world´s largest eagle.
Puentespina Orchid Garden – The garden features many varieties of native orchids, including the rare Waling-Waling, regarded as the most beautiful orchid in the Philippines.
Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague – An exact replica of the original statue in Prague. Located on a hill behind the Davao Memorial Park in the suburb of Matina, the shrine provides an excellent view of the city and the surrounding gulf.


Once the site of a thriving pearling industry, Samal has been targeted by the government tourism authorities for large scale, environmental-friendly tourism development. The island has white sand beaches and offers attractive dive sites around sunken World War II shipwrecks. Not only a luxury international resort, complete with casino, has already been established on Samal Island; major developments are planned for the future of this island.
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