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Beaches In Cuba by Nuevo Bing Lee

Beaches in Cuba 1 – Cayo Jutias

As Cuba is totally surrounded by the sea,

both its Carribean and Atlantic sides are full of wonderful beaches.

Usually I am not a big fan of Sun and Beach, as my Spanish friends really want to enjoy that, so we visited 4 beaches during the one week of travelling. For the past few years, I even didn't visit the beach in Hong Kong for maybe twice! But after Cuba, I have learnt how to enjoy the Sun and Beach and would really love to go back to my favourite one...

My favourite beach in Cuba is Cayo Jutias, which is about one hour drive from ViƱales. Just let the pictures to tell you why I love it so much.

I love these artistic tree trunks so much.

Forget all troubles in the world.

Super white sand.

Can I collect all the music from the nature and replay it with the shell?

The layers of the colours are just like drawings.

Poor crab.

The road leading to the beach offers a 360 degree of sea view. Notice that the sea on the left is blue and on the right is green.

Beaches in Cuba 2 - Santa Maria

The reason why we went to Remedios is mainly because of the famous 50km road which built directly on the sea and leading to the originally unreachable Santa Maria area.

In the North Coast of Cuba, there is the untamed coastline of wild nature. There are many birdlives, flora and different species of fish. In order to tap the tourism resources, the Cuban government built the 50km road to reach the beaches. With the access of road, it arrived the big resort hotels and wealthy tourists, who usually only stay inside the hotels for two weeks, without knowing any about the cities nearby or the Cuban people, then they will fly home.

It is said that the road is a disaster for the nature, but the 50km unbroken coastline along two side of the road is really impresive. And the beaches are really nice, though I still like the tranquility of Cayo Juitas much more.

The scenery of the 50km road is fantastic.

Plenty of wildlife.

A cuban man was fishing, but he said he didn't has much luck.

How amazing is the mixture of colours.

We first arrived the free entrance beach, Playa Blanca. It was so quiet that, there was only one fishing guy and we on the beach.

Leave only our footprints.

The water is super transparent.

Incredibly green and white.

The wildlife is so rich.

Then we went to see the big resort hotel Melia, it is just like a small community which has all the facilities. That's why the tourists don't need to leave the hotel.

Path with palm trees leading to the swimming pool.

Charming greenery and flowers.

All are European tourists.

A bar beside the beach.

The private beach belongs to the hotel. If you want to stay on the beach, you need to pay around 60Euro for a day.

Boats on the sea.

Though I don't like the idea of private beach, the hotel is really beautiful, comfortable and charming. But with such a high entrance fee, it is not a beach for me.

Then we went to see another hotel, though it is much cheap, you still need to spend at least around 16Euro, plus 4 Euro entrance fee.

There were much less tourists here. So I like this beach more.

Fabulous view.

As we all had got sunburn quite a lot from many days of sun and beaches already, so we didn't spend our days in any of these beaches. But it was really a pleasant day to see all the heaven-like scenery.

Beaches in Cuba 3 - Playa Ancon and Varadero

South of Trindad, there is the beach called Playa Ancon. The sea near the coast is not too deep and very transparent, so we did a little bit of snorkeling here(even though I cannot swim), and I could see many fish and coral reef.

There is also a natural swimming pool where the waves are blocked by the rock, so I learnt swimming from my spanish friend. But I was still too nervous and tired to learn for a long time, so I didn't succeed, but I did make a progress.

The quiet part of the Playa Ancon.

All the beaches in Cuba are equally beautiful.

Sitting under the shade of a palm tree.

There are many coral bones on the beach.

About 3 hours east of La Havana, there is the other resort beach, Varadero. Actually, I don't know why is it so famous among Europeans. My spanish friends said it is very popular for Spaniards to come for holiday, so they really wanted to see it. But after visiting this touristic place where there weren't any local people, we all agreed that it was not worth to come here. Because comparing with other beautiful, wild and not touristic beaches in Cuba, the only special thing Varadera has, are the many ugly hotels located along the beach.

Beach in Varadera.

It totally didn't arouse me any interest of taking pictures.

There are only European tourists.


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