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3 SECRETS to a happy ‘tearuk'(darling) in Pattaya,Thailand by John Galt / June 21 2009

The Retire to Pattaya, Thailand Newsletter #143

Dear fellow Pattaya lover,

Whether you spend a week or year in Pattaya

you'll be tempted, just as Adam was tempted by Eve,
to develop a relationship with a 'pooying' Thai.

And while gallons of ink and THOUSANDS of stories have circulated warning of the dangers,
including some of my own thoughts here, the following are three 'long-term relationship secrets' that
many farangs ignore-at their peril.

1) Always be 100% honest with them. Always.

No matter your circumstances; married, three kids, no money, so on, always tell the truth. The girls
have heard it ALL and many are as jaded as long-time Pattaya expats regarding lies.

Jobs, money, etc., will have little effect but straight forward, consistency of action and speech, pays dividends.

2) Recognize the importance of money in your relationship.

For thousands of years women became involved with men for, fundamentally, ONE single reason–security.

In the West today, it is fashionable to gloss it over and declare its relative UNimportance while billions are spent
by men giving diamond rings, lavish weddings, and large homes to woo their brides to be.

Needless to say, you WILL need to ‘support’ your teeruk albeit on a MUCH lesser scale then a farang woman.

Accept the FACT that the girls live in a ‘third world country’ and supporting them (and to a degree their family)

3) Thailand should ALWAYS be her home.

As much as you want her living in your country, it is an ENORMOUS error permanently moving her from the Kingdom.

Although some (20%) of Thais do well living outside the country, MOST (80%) cannot conceive of EVER living
in another country NOR do they have a desire to do so.

Whether it is the food, weather, culture, language, your teeruk will probably NEVER, EVER be happy
living (permanently) in another country no matter how idyllic.


The overall divorce rate in the West is around 50% while I have read the farang/Thai rate is 80% so clearly it
is DIFFICULT having a successful relationship.

Using these basic principles, though, will help no matter the circumstances and allow better understanding.

And maybe you will beat the odds.


John Galt
PS: Please pass this email along and let others know about the website. Thanks.


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