Posted by: ghostdawg2 | July 25, 2009

Solar Eclipse by Vera H-C Chan / July 24th 2009

Eclipse over China Eclipse over China

Eclipse skyline : The sky goes dark over southwest China's Chongqing municipality as the lunar shadow or "umbra" moves over the city during a solar eclipse. The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century cast its shadow over western India and headed for China on a path that was plunging hundreds of millions of people into temporary darkness.

(AFP/Stringer)An eclipse to remember

Earthlings won't see another solar eclipse like the one that darkened Asia this week for another 123 years, but that's soon enough for some. Millions ventured outside to enjoy the six-minute plus blackout, with astronomy experts gathering in Shanghai (which reportedly offered the "best views"), Japanese party planners setting up a music festival for the occasion, and passengers chartering a plane in India for a closer view. The prospect of being submerged in darkness, though, unleashed old superstitions, as some shut themselves indoors, cleansed their sins in the Ganges River, or prayed against bad omens. The event may have come and gone, but video and photos abound.

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