Posted by: ghostdawg2 | July 26, 2009

The Tunnel Club,Bangkok,Thailand by

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The Tunnel
soi Langsuan soi 5
Type: Night Club
Facilities: Dancing \ Clubbing

This grotto-like Lang Suan Nightclub first opened up as a late night venue. As the crowds build, the opening hours were pushed until it now functions as a normal Bangkok nightclub. Tunnel is managed by Daryl, formerly of Q bar, Mystique and superfly fame, and Daryl is nothing if not very, very good at throwing a good party. These are currently held at Tunnel and has included everything from an SM topless DJ on new year to Daryl getting the lips of a girl in the crowd tattooed on his ass live in The Tunnel.
The Tunnel is a cave-like nightclub with a central DJ station, a dencent-sized dance area and two bars. It is especially packed on weekends and late at night, though the exact closing time is always dependent on the boys in brown. The crowds there are a mixed bunch of heavy party-goers, with a few more girls than guys on the Thai side.

Alternatives to Tunnel depends on the time of the night. Early on, nearby clubs like Tapas or Q Bar provide different but good alternatives. For a more dancing nightclub, try out CM2. Later at night try out Scratch Dog for a more Thai crowd or Spicy for a slightly looser atmosphere.


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