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Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung ,Taiwan by Kaohsiung Travel Online

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Lotus Pond is located east of Zuoying’s old community and west of the North-South railway line. Guei Mountain lies to the south and Banping Mountain to the north. The lake has an area of approximately 75 hectares. In 1686, Yang Fang-sheng, the Fongshan magistrate built the Wen Temple (old Confucius Temple) with Lotus Pond as its companion pool.

Lotus flowers were planted in the pond for decoration.
The lotus flowers bloom every summer and the refreshing
fragrance has given it the name "Lotus Pond". The "Companion Pool's Lotus Fragrance" is considered one of the "Eight Wonders" of Fongshan.

In 1842, the Fongshan magistrate Cao Jin ordered Jheng Lan, a local noble, to dig a waterway for farmland irrigation with water from Lotus Pond. Rice and fish became Singlongjhuan's major products. It also became a popular location to build temples. On the west side of the pond from north to south are the Confucius Temple, Ciming Temple, Spring and Autumn Pagodas, Wuli Arbor as well as the Dragon Tiger Tower. The solemn Confucius Temple is located further north. The other locations are clustered together in the south. The bridges, pagodas, towers and bright colors make Lotus Pond a vibrant, renowned destination in Zuoying, especially for those interested in visiting temples. The east side of Lotus Pond is a spacious lakeside path, with the old city of Zuoying on the west side.

Many souvenir shops can be found here and it's usually buzzing with people. The south shore, linked by Shengli Road and Sinjhuangzih Road, create a complete loop around the pond. Lotus Pond is always shrouded in mist at dawn and dusk, making it very picturesque and mysterious. It is said Lotus Pond rivals the beauty of Xi Lake.

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