Posted by: ghostdawg2 | March 20, 2010

Outsourcing Love Virtual Assistants Make For Dating 2.Uh-Oh By Carrie Seim / December 9 2008

I just hired a virtual pimp.

That's right - dating in New York has become such a soul-numbing chore that I'm outsourcing my love life to India.

Sure, most people hire virtual assistants for tasks like booking flights or scheduling orthodontics (just this past year, according to the International Virtual Assistants Association, membership is up 35 percent), but I'm hiring one for what I really need help with: finding love.

It's Bridget Jones meets Bill Gates. "Sex and the City" meets "Short Circuit 2."



  1. Huh! A VA can do these things as well….I am also having a VA from, but it is strictly professional though.. Let me see if i come across anything like this for him

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