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Thai Army Opens Fire on Red Shirt Protesters in Bangkok – Thailand by Tony Joh / 11 April 2010

The red shirt protests that have been plaguing the city of Bangkok turned deadly tonight

as over a dozen people were killed in clashes between the red shirt protesters and the Thai army.

The stand off took place near Phan Fa bridge and was the deadliest clash between the protesters and the army in the month long protest. Earlier in the day the army had pushed their way into the red camp at Phan Fa bridge and had forced the protesters back, however this evening the protesters decided to mount a comeback.

At first the situation was relatively calm with the army playing soft soothing music to try and keep the situation peaceful. However that all changed in a split second as gunfire erupted and the crowd attacked with plastic water bottles and bamboo sticks.

The army, outnumbered and perhaps sensing that they were losing control opened fire on the crowd. People ran and ducked for cover as the sound of automatic gunfire rang out over the protest site. Soon the protesters were picking up even deadlier weapons and suddenly the army was hit by a barrage of rocks and Molotov cocktails.

The army at this point decided to retreat and surrendered their thanks and armour personnel carriers to the red shirts, who attacked them with sticks and shields.

This confrontation at Phan Fa proves to me that a military option to end the siege at Rajaprasong would result in hundreds of deaths. The crowd at Rajaprasong is heavily entrenched and in an enclosed area with limited escape routes. If the army uses tear gas to clear the crowd at Rajaprasong I think the resulting stampede would cause many deaths and injuries.

The Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva certainly is in a difficult position as he is facing pressure from all sides to end this protest as quickly and peacefully as he can. However with the red shirts unwilling to compromise at all on their quest to bring down the government I fear that the sound of gunfire will be heard again on the streets of Bangkok.

UPDATE: I was interviewed by the BBC program Today about the situation in Bangkok. I’m at the 0723 mark. BBC Today

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  1. omg… is this the price of having a country governed by means of grabbbing that power from a duly elected leader? The PM should resolve these, quickly and peacefully, while the death of both sides is not rising its number.

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