Posted by: ghostdawg2 | April 21, 2010

We Love Our Wives :) – Kellie Haunted Castle – Malaysia by Pin / August 5th 2009

Kellie’s castle, standing tall and pretty.

It’s our annual trip back to Tronoh, Perak for Ching Beng. This time is special. A new addition family member is following.

Yep! She is my wife. First time this part of Perak State and never heard of Kellie Castle. So we decided to show her. After all it’s just along the way.

Kellie Castle is actually a big mansion build by Mr. Kellie early 20th century for his wife. The building was never complete as Mr. Kellie died while on a trip to Europe. The building was left in ruined until a few years ago the state government decided to turn it into a tourist attraction.

My wife is hot ;)

To go there, exit from North-south expressway from Gopeng and head towards Ipoh. Upon reaching Ipoh there is a junction which indicate Batu Gajah. Turn into that road and after about 15 minutes you will reach Kellie Castle which situated along a river bank by the road side. Sure to spot it. It’s the only half complete and big structure which also look Victorian or maybe Tudor. I am not so sure which is which. At least we have a castle even it is just a very big house.

Thanks to Yong for sharing his experience and also kind enough to provide directions for those who might want to head there after knowing about the place!

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