Posted by: ghostdawg2 | April 27, 2010

VIDEO: Giraffes fighting may blow your mind by Chris Spags / 27th April 2010

Odds are you haven’t seen a giraffe get into a fight before unless you really get out of line at a Toys ‘R’ Us opening.

But this footage captured in the wild of two giraffes getting after one another is quite the sight to see.

I like how they just kind of hang out at the end next to one another, probably out of breath, like, “Okay…you done now? We cool?” What we basically just witnessed was the giraffe equivalent of two guys at a bar shoving one another, then getting each other in headlocks, realizing they’re both winded, and waiting for a bouncer or friends to pull them apart.

That said, I would not want a giraffe to whip its neck at me. I can’t imagine that’d be pleasant for me or the giraffe. That must be what it feels like to be the female lead in a Max Hardcore film.

Holy sh-t! Have you seen giraffes fighting? It’s fierce. [Reddit]

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