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Rio de Janeiro Termas ( Brothels ) by

brazilian girls at a Termas bar

What are Rio de Janeiro Brothels (Termas)?
Rio de Janeiro Brothels are similar to other brothels around the world. Rio de Janeiro Brothels are called Termas by the Local Rio De Janeiro People. But Rio de Janeiro Brothels mix other things into the brothel experience as well.

Many Rio de Janeiro Brothels also include other amenities such as a bar (boite pronounced: boar-chi), sauna, bath, food, and bedrooms. Some Brothels even have a television room playing Brazilian Soap Operas or football (soccer).

Who uses Rio de Janeiro Brothels?
Local Rio de Janeiro businessmen use the Brothels. Tourists use the Brothels. And of course Rio de Janeiro Girls come to work at the Brothels.
The girls that work at Rio de Janeiro Brothels are called “garotas de programa.”

How do the Brothels work?
How do Rio de Janeiro Brothels work? You will usually pay an entrance fee to enter a Terma. The entrance fee is around 50 Brazilian Reais. Sometimes the entrance fee includes a free drink. Sometimes it does not. Usually you will receive a locker key from the reception area after you pay your admission fee. Then you will go to the locker room and change your clothes and leave your personal effects in the locker. If you want you can shower and shave before you enter the bar area. The locker key doubles as a credit card that keeps track of everything you purchase while you are in the Terma. You can use the key to pay for drinks, massages, girls (garotas de programa), and even food. Not all Brothels require you to remove your street clothes and leave your things in a locker. After you leave the locker room you will usually enter the selection area. Most of the time the selection area includes a bar. The “Terma Girls” will usually be hanging around the bar. Look at all the girls and then when you find one that you like offer to buy her a drink. Ask her what she offers as far as services. Also ask her the prices of each of the services. Massage usually comes in increments of 30 minutes. If you decide to use the services of a particular girl, you will go with her to a room in the Terma. Sometimes you will swipe the locker key on an electronic panel at the door of the room similar to a hotel security system. This keeps track of your usage of the room for your final bill. Other times you will go to a reception area and the reception lady will keep check you into a room. What you do with the girl depends on what you agreed to do with her when you (hopefully) discussed it in the selection area. Also it is possible to get special rooms. For example, you can get a room with a jacuzzi. This will cost extra and you should ask what the cost is. Some rooms are just basic suite with a shower. You will usually be expected to take a shower before the services begin. This is normal and good. Take a thorough shower and the service will probably be better. After the services end, you can take a shower also but this is optional. Once your time is up, you can usually extend if you want. If you are finished, go back to the selection area. And if you want, you can do it again. before you leave, you will pay your final bill at the reception area. This final bill should include all the entrance fee, the drinks, the girls services, and anything else such as food.

Rio de Janeiro Terma Tips:
1) If a girl comes with you to the locker room, it is possible that she might be one of the girls who has a difficult time getting customers for one reason or another. So she is basically being dumped on you. Get away from her as soon as possible.

2) When you enter the selection area, stay mobile. Don’t sit down right away. If you sit down right away, one of the more aggressive girls might try to trap you into choosing her. They do this because this is the only way many of these girls can get a customer. The more beautiful ones can afford to wait patiently for the customer to make a selection in a civil way.

3) Always ask the girl what she does as far as her services and how much each service costs. If you have some special request, ask before you go to the room with her to avoid any misunderstandings.

4) You might want to heighten your sexual enjoyment using sexual pharmaceuticals.

5) For very aggressive girls:
First, tell the girl you would prefer to look around for a while before you make a selection. If she is still persistent, get up and head to the toilet. Then when you return, sit somewhere else. If she comes to over to your new spot, get up and move again. It makes the girls very uncomfortable if you keep walking away from them. It has the psychological effect of singling them out.

6) Do not tease the Terma Girls. Keep some personal space until you are sure you want to take her to a room. It is not fair to get the girl’s hopes up that she is going to get a customer and then not come through. Many “Romeos” try to sweet talk the girls and give them compliments in order to try to get the price down. The girls know this trick.

7) Many of the Rio de Janiero Terma Girls have condoms. But bring your own just in case.

8) Check the final bill at the reception area. Make sure it is correct.

9) Usually credit cards are accepted in Rio de Janeiro Brothels. So you might want to bring one. After all, who knows how many beautiful girls you might see.

10) Treat the girls with respect. Many of the girls have other lives outside the Brothels. It is possible you might find their honesty and humility enlightening. You might find that the Rio de Janeiro Terma Girls are in general more honest, than say, some other girls who require more unpredictable types of currencies. Remember, you always pay in one way or another. The only thing that is different is the currency you pay in. Do you pay in time, emotional investment, and cash Vs only straight up-front cash.

Once again our tours are guaranteed to give you the best time possible at the Rio de Janeiro Brothels.
Rio de Janeiro Termas Rio de Janeiro Brothels

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