Posted by: ghostdawg2 | May 17, 2010

1010 Girls On Bondi Beach In Their Bikinis…by / May 14th 2010


The Beer Goggler Says: These photos make me think that I have died and go to Heaven.

Imagine waking up one morning, crawling out of bed, having a beer and cigarette for breakfast, throwing on a t-shirt, a pair of surfer shorts and Tevas.

As you walk out the door at 6 am you grab your surfboard and throw it in the back of your jeep. On your way to the beach you have another couple of beers and cigarettes. After you park the jeep you grab your board, six-pack of beer and pack of smokes. You head down the path over the dunes and your eyes glaze over because what you see leaves you speechless.  You drop all of your worldly possessions and run towards what you think must be a dream – 1010 beautiful girls in their bikinis on the beach.

It’s true, My Little Grasshopper, this is what it looks like when 1010 beautiful, bikini clad girls get together to do a little promotion. The only way this scenario could be any better is if the girls spelled out “The Beer Goggler Has A Huge…”. I will let you fill in the blank. Have a good weekend boys & girls. And remember to always use a condom…


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