Posted by: ghostdawg2 | July 21, 2010

” We all had to check our underwear “- Maui – Hawaii by Sheila / Thursday May 6 2010

End of Road to HanaA Forbidden Stretch of the “Back Side” of the Road to Hana

I can guess what you’re thinking — where did I get the quote “We all had to check our underwear” and what does it have to do with Hawaii?

This quote came from a reader’s comment on my article, Beware of Driving Northwest Maui. Here are some other descriptive comments from those who drove this section of forbidden road:

“I have driven many mountain roads from California to Germany and this one beats all!”

“We PRAYED he wouldn’t fall off the side because there were NO guardrails.”

“I wish I had seen this blog before taking this road from end to end. I knew it was winding before we started on it, but had no idea how incredibly dangerous it turned out to be.”

“Just got back to hotel after driving a little ways down that stretch of road—scared the befeebers out of me–glad to be ALIVE–don’t try it!”

So, in case you were thinking about driving that stretch of road around the North Shore of West Maui, think twice, my friends. There’s a reason why the rental car companies forbid renters from driving this section of road. (See this Maui drive guide map indicating that this section of road is forbidden.) There are plenty of other places to see and things to do that you’ll enjoy far more that having to check your underwear.

See this link for more information on Hawaii’s forbidden drives.

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