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Chinese traffic jam spans 60 miles has lasted nine days by Chris Spags / Tuesday August 2010

China car demand eases but future still strong

Everybody hates commuting. It’s a miserable experience for all of us regardless of age, income-level or ethnic background.

But if you think your trip down I-95 is miserable, you need to hear about this back-up on China’s Beijing-Tibet Freeway which spans 60 miles and has lasted nine days so far.

According to reports out of China, the traffic jam began on August 14th when thousands of trucks were stuck in gridlock due to construction on a nearby roadway.

Drivers have been stuck in their cars for nine days. Vendors on the highway are also bleeding the people stuck on the highway dry, charging up to four times the usual price for instant noodles.

China’s Global Times says:

Some people joke about the enduring congestion on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, saying “concerts should be held at each congested area every weekend, to alleviate drivers’ homesickness.”

“We’ve already sent traffic policemen to work on the traffic congestion,” the unnamed official at the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau told the Global Times, adding that traffic police would stay to guide the traffic 24 hours a day until the problem is solved.”

In spite of all the efforts, police don’t expect the jam to clear up until construction is completed on September 13.

That sounds like about the worst thing ever, right? Being stuck in your car, borderline claustrophobic, eating mediocre overpriced noodles. The good news? Accidents must be down exponentially since there are now several tens of thousands of Asian drivers taken off the road. See? Always a bright side.

Reuters/David Gray

Source :!+Mail

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