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Bangsaen Beach (หาดบางแสน)- Thailand by


Bangsaen Beach

Bangsaen Beach (หาดบางแสน) is situated approximately 100 km southeast of Bangkok and 13 km from Chonburi town. Often, the beach is crowded with tourists, especially Thai families on weekends and national holidays. The beach stretches approximately 2.5 km long. It was once one of the popular destinations but with the eclisp by Pattaya, it has become the destination for locals rather than international ones. The beach now attracts those who enjoy strolling along the long sandy beach and tasting the delicious seafood available from vendors along the pavement. The color of the sand is not white as the sediments from Bang Pakong River are mounted here. However, the texture of the sand is fine and the gradual slope makes it nice and safe to swim. There are reasonable-priced accommodations along the beach. At the northern end of the beach, there is Laem Taen cape that serves as a public park. The nightlife here is more peaceful and easy-going compared to Pattaya beach. Therefore, it is a great spot for those who seek tranquil night by the beach. The residents of the town are young as it is a home to a university.

How to get there?

From Bangkok, take Bang Na-Chon Buri motorway. Before entering Chonburi province, turn-off to Bang Sai to the right. On the right, there is a new road going straight to the beach.

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