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SHOCK 39 NightClub in Bangkok ( Thailand ) by


Bangkok’s new International clubbing destination


Get ready to be SHOCKED



Our concept is simple.

No hang ups, no excessive frills..its all about the MUSIC.

We have THE baddest sound system in Asia, no other even comes close. We ain't messing around! The DJ's are all over this baby.

We bring you ONLY music of the finest quality...covering many genres..something for everyone.

And of course ONLY the best local DJ's will be permitted to grace our decks.

We'll be regularly be bringing the International DJ's no one else before us has.

Our sound system..

VOID SOUND SYSTEM - AMONG MANY OTHERS - INSTALLED AT MATTER LONDON, DC10 IBIZA AND NTT CHINA - THE WORLDS LARGEST CLUB (The Club has over 150 separate rooms, as well as 4 huge dance floors)

They say....

Central Bangkok is set to have a new, high-profile club. Shock39 will be the first venue in Thailand to feature a Void system, and the first venue in the world to receive our new Trinity X subs.

The two-room 1500-capacity club - when it reopens next month - will be one of the city's largest. It will also feature one of the most elaborate sound systems to have been installed in a Thailand nightclub.

The installation is being carried out to European standards, handled by audio-visual specialist TechWorX Projects, which has recently expanded its operation in Thailand with new offices in Pattaya.

Tim Margetts, Director and Systems Integrator at TechWorX Projects, explained:
"Shock39 will be a significant new venue for Bangkok, and it's being designed and installed to a very high standard. For example, acoustic consultants have been commissioned to ensure that the internal reverberation time and external sound leakage are well controlled. We specified Void as being an excellent fit with the venue's design criteria, and due to the heavy recommendations for their products that we received from many sources - including one of our own engineers who had prior experience of Void systems.

We are installing 8 of Void's Trinity X subs for the dance floor, in a 2 x 4 array beneath the DJ booth, which is being built on two layers of concrete to provide sufficient low-end separation! The dance floor will also feature 6 x Axsys 15s, which Void have custom-finished in black, with red aluminium end-pieces - they look very cool indeed. We are also installing 6 x Basys 12s around the VIP and peripheral seating areas.

The systems are being powered by Void Infinite 8 and Infinite 6 V2 amplifiers, using Void's Digidrive Plus loudspeaker management processors One of our biggest installation challenges is to ensure the power distribution aspects are being carried out to European standards. The mains supply in Thailand is not the cleanest or most reliable, with frequent brown-outs, interference and dirty AC, and we're installing power sequencers and a high degree of surge protection"

Doors open 9pm till VERY VERY late 365 days a year!!

We are PROFESSIONAL party people..the party NEVER stops at SHOCK.

SHOCK 39 Nightclub
Soi 39
New Petchaburi Road

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Follow us on Mixcloud! – We’ll regularly be adding mixes from our resident & International DJ’s

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  1. Change the DJ pls …..

  2. can anybody give me the cell number of julia (stage dancer) from turkey ?? i need it

  3. I need the cell number of julia (stage dancer) who is from turkey, anybody can ??

  4. Very good place for dancing

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