Posted by: ghostdawg2 | May 15, 2011

Brotherhood Watch: David X by 1st 2011

David X

David X is the man that has been with over 500 women and when asked about his experiences and methods of approaching and maintaing relationship, he knocks it down to three virtues,

1) Honesty, 2) Trust and 3) Respect and two ultimate rule:

1) Who cares what she thinks
2) You are the most important person in the relationship

Let’s be honest, at first sight when you see him, many will be thinking what can this old, overweight man teach me. But when he expresses what he knows and what works and has worked for him, whether you believe him or not, it makes sense. It would be hard to deny.

Married now and with kids he wrote one of the most effective, eye opening, perspective changing and powerful free ebook a while back. Check it out and ask yourself if it’s filled with lies.

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