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Getting the best “bang” for your $buck$ The ultimate guide for the traveling John By Jack Rover

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I’m a self proclaimed IML-international man of leisure. I’ve been to different parts of the world seeking out travel, adventure, good food and of course hot women.

I wrote a book sharing my experience along with the experience of others who have done the same. I also list the best destinations for sex tourism.

As a traveling John I've learned the do's and don't's in the world of prostitution. I have never found a guide that helps guys go about prostitution. So I decided that I should write one. I talk about the best destinations for sex tourism, and I go over each destination individually. My book is also great for disabled men because they too can apply what is taught in this book. I acknowledge their feelings and needs of a woman in spite of their disability. I also tell Johns how to lookout for and avoid prostitutes that are trafficked. And I make a clear distinction between those who are kidnapped and forced into labor, and those who are selling themselves out of freewill. I go over a lot of safety tips, and tell Johns how to protect themselves from those who are out to hustle them. Due to the nature of the topic I know this book can generate controversy. I'm all for exchanging dialog with those who are against the subject matter of my book.

My only request is they read the whole book. I also encourage Johns to deal with regular women and not limit themselves to prostitutes. This book broadens the horizons for men in the world of dating. I specialize in divorce recovery for men. So if your going through ruff times after a break up, or whatever your relationship status, this is an excellent read. I give an unapologetic analysis on the interactions between men and women. And I share advice that many other so called relationship experts forget. And that is how to meet someone and start a relationship. That first step can make all the difference in any relationship. Other experts focus on helping you clean up a mess. My focus is on getting you the best and keeping you out of the mess.

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Getting the best "bang" for your $buck$ The ultimate guide for the traveling John
Ebook Price: $7.00 USD. 25890 words. Nonfiction by Jack Rover on October 5, 2011

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